Group of Companies

We represent a diverse portfolio of companies which provide project development, energy and an integrated physical trading division. In coordination with our partners, SKL Group owns, operates and manages projects in varied project areas, including engineering, construction, agricultural, energy, concessions, oil &gas, manufacturing & assembling, pharmaceutical & medical, procurement & supply and project development & management.

Our import and export; development and physical commodity trading groups bring an accomplished combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment to each of our clients and projects.

At SKL Group, we pursue commercial and governmental projects which help grow local economies and improve the quality of life for the communities and people in the areas we serve.

Structureking International is the holding company and operator of the CA3 Joint Venture. Structureking International, together with our foreign Technical/Financial Partners CCC Group are aspiring to become a major force in the development of local economies of - West, East, North, South and Central African Countries.

Structureking International doubles also as the consultants to the CCC Group and CA3 Joint Venture. We identify, introduce and develop feasible and lucrative projects to the Group (CCC and CA3) in line with the Group's identified areas of interest. We supervise projects from commissioning to completion as well as manage the completed projects.

Depending on the project type; Pre-Paid Contracts, Public Private Partnerships, Build Operate &Transfer, Build Operate &Own etc. We carry clients along in specially constituted SPVs.

SKL Group has the capacity and capability to supervise and manage projects on multiple fronts simultaneously (no matter how complex) and still deliver high quality jobs at record time.

CA3 Joint Venture (CCC Group Italy) is made up of;

▫️Cozolino Africa Limited

▫️Afrilogistics Limited

▫️Afrimarche Oil &Gas Limited

▫️Afrivel Limited
To provide commercially viable, cleaner and sustainable energy solutions by bringing together the latest in power technologies in order to deliver value-driven energy solutions which power communities and whenever possible promote the environment.