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The future of sustainable energy generation lies with mix of increased renewable energy generation combined with a more efficient use of existing fossil fuels.

Our world still relies heavily on fossil fuels. There is a natural synergy between our existing trading activities in oil and gas and our ability to offer a full range of multi-commodity solutions to power plant owners and utility companies.

Our experience in oil and gas gives us an understanding of the relationship between energy and fuel. We leverage this understanding to generate efficiencies and develop effective long term solutions for our customers. While SKL Group offers a range of renewable energy solutions, including solar, wind and thermal energy generation, it also offers solutions for highly-efficient combined cycle power plants to boost the efficiency and reliability of the oil and gas industry.

Energy Efficient Gas Power Plants


In coordination with our project partners, The StructureKing International Group offers cutting-edge solutions to help make power generated from fossil fuels like oil and gas more efficient and sustainable. Our energy-efficient products and solutions help our customers improve their business
performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and reduce harmful emissions.

SKL Group, with its project partners, develops Combined Cycle Power Plants which offer even greater energy and efficiency. They convert fossil fuels into electrical energy and heat at the same time. These plants can achieve higher efficiency levels and are particularly important given the world’s rapidly increasing population levels. Our available advanced technologies are able to improve power station efficiency and help governments meet targets through our comprehensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions.