Energy Solutions


Integrated Renewable Energy Services

LP Egypt &UAE is the renewable energy partner of SKL Group. LP develops world class technologies in renewable energy through its solar, wind and renewable energy development teams.

At SKL Group, we work with local economies to help improve the quality of life of the people in the communities which we serve by bring the best in green and renewable technologies.

LP, along with its contract management and engineering company, designs, builds and commissions solar power and wind turbine solutions across the renewable energy value chain.

Partnered with turn-key solution providers, SKL Group has proven experience in the design, development, operations and maintenance of utility scale renewable energy power generation systems.

Engineer, Procure & Construct

Our renewable energy development projects reflect the local community and local conditions utilizing state-of-the-art world class solar, wind and renewable energy technologies.

Through our partners we have established local alliances with specialty contractors who provide resources and services under the guidance of The SKL Group.

We design, build and commission with the utmost sophistication and provide real operational and maintenance support to large utility scale solar, wind and renewable energy power plants.

The SKL Group manages the increasing complexity of large, multi-faceted, energy development programs.

Our clients are increasingly turning to our team as a result of the skills, expertise and resources available to undertake comprehensive utility scale energy development projects.


Turnkey Renewable Energy Solutions

The SKL Group engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides innovative and reliable “turnkey” renewable energy solutions.

We provide our customers the complete spectrum of services for projects from planning and viability studies to commissioning:

• Viability studies
• Project Development
• Financing

• Engineering
• Permitting
• Construction

Our team of experts strive to produce top-notch and innovative renewable energy designs by selecting components based on highest standards in efficiency and reliability.

LP’s comprehensive experience ensures cost effective engineering solutions for even the most complex projects.

PV Monitoring and Battery Management Systems

Our PV monitoring and battery management systems allow for centralized monitoring, reliable and secure data storage, battery management, adaptability to any size installation, and immediate access to alerts, updates, and current conditions at the site.

Operations and Maintenance

The LP mission is to provide ongoing operation and maintenance services for our renewable energy power generation facilities.

Utilizing our state of the art technologies, we have the ability to track and optimize performance and to carry out the required maintenance of each solar, wind turbine and renewable energy farm.

We are a forwarding thinking solutions group of companies and we continue to evolve as we produce new and innovative viable turnkey renewable energy solutions.

We are a forwarding thinking solutions group of Companies and
we continue to evolve as
we produce new and innovative viable
turnkey renewable energy solutions.

Solar Energy Solutions

SKL Group, in cooperation with its Solar partners, designs, engineers, finances and installs customized solar energy systems for businesses.

Our business development facilitators work to ensure that each of our clients receive a turn-key system by handling all applicable permits, rebate processing and system administration.

Our designers and engineers will work with you to create a solar energy system that can dramatically reduce your fixed energy costs, increase predictability, and provide an immediate positive impact on your operating cash flow.

Businesses also benefit by hedging against rising energy prices thereby increasing property value.

Our commercial staff will design a system which optimizes your specific tax circumstance and geography, thereby insuring that you receive full available government incentives.

In most cases we can offer a solution allowing businesses to implement solar without any out-of pocket expense.

Utility Scale Solar Solutions

SKL Group, through strategic partnerships, works with property owners, municipalities, financiers, developers and utility companies to develop large scale solar systems.

– Site Inspection and Development
– Topographical Site Survey
– Lease Agreements
– Building Permits
– Off-Taker Development
– PPA Negotiation
– Due Diligence
– Financial Modelling
– Pre/Construction Financing
– Structuring of Debt and Equity
– Tax and Insurance Planning
– Contract Negotiation
– Project Placement

Developing a utility scale solar system through commissioning is an involved process that requires a company with the right expertise.

LP, and its strategic partners, have the knowledge and ability to ensure your project’s success.

We have capital resources available for projects and will assist you thru the funding approval process.

Wind Turbines


As demand for clean power generation grows, and in order to meet this need, SKL Group has partnered with LP with proven solutions.

With its highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, LP can deliver proven wind energy solutions.

Our LP wind energy management team is dedicated to providing optimal power output through the turbines entire lifecycle.

SKL Group offers integrated solutions and services that will design, engineer, finance and install customized wind energy systems.

Our Wind Energy Systems offer a solution to meet energy needs of businesses which seek to hedge against rising energy prices thereby increasing property value.

LP manages proprietary wind turbine technology which provides greater power generation from a significantly reduced footprint.


The American wind power industry has become the fastest growing source of energy. Wind power is a sustainable energy source that provides us with efficient, clean and renewable electricity that can be economical and environmentally friendly.

Clean & Renewable
Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source.

Through our proprietary technology, wind energy is an economically viable. Our Wind Power Generation Systems require minimal maintenance and have low operating expenses.

Safe & Reliable
Wind energy produces no harmful emissions and has a proven safety record. LP Wind Power Generation Systems operate turbines with an availability factor above 98 percent.

Supports Agriculture
Our Wind Power Generation Systems support power demands in rural locations, including supporting power requirements for farms, irrigation, ranching etc.

A 1MW of capacity requires approximately 3 acres of wind turbines, access roads, and other equipment.

Mobile Systems


Mobile Solar & Wind Generation Systems
SKL Group products include portable solar and wind powered mobile generators.

The Mobile Generation Systems by LP are custom designed for their ease of use and all-purpose applications.

Mobile systems developed by LP are best-in-class and are manufactured for their durability in transit, use and in the field. LP systems are silent, require no fuel, no air permits and create no fumes or emissions unlike diesel generators.

The LP Mobile Systems are aerodynamic and have been developed for safe road and highway transportation and because of their portable nature can be setup within minutes.

LP Mobile Generation Systems support carbon reduction initiatives and their reduced maintenance schedule lowers the overall cost of ownership.

These mobile systems do not have the rigorous maintenance requirements associated with diesel generators which require logistic support personnel for refueling, fuel storage and security.

Mobile Generators
LP Mobile Generation Systems are equipped with a standard towing hitch for rapid deployment, single-person setup, and prompt operation.

Extreme Environments
The units are designed for extreme temperature environments from unprotected installations.

Accessory Plug ‘n’ Play Port
Each Mobile Generation System is equipped with a Plug ‘n’ Play Port which is capable of being connected to an LP Accessory Package.

Accessory Packages include the High-Efficiency Adjustable Light Tower Mast high-efficiency Long-Life LED lights thereby requiring less power consumption than similar products.

Cell on Wheels Accessory Packages are also available.

Carbon Reduction
Eco-friendly solutions which replace diesel generator-powered systems. No emissions or pollutants are released into the environment.

Dependable 24/7 Operation
Units are designed with battery management systems for 24/7 use and operation.

Lower Maintenance Cost
Eliminate regular engine generator maintenance associated with refueling, fuel storage and security.

Mobile Solar and Wind Generation systems are automatic and allow for unattended operation.

Contact one of our Product Specialists for further information on our Mobile Generation Systems.